Mashhad Pump Corp was established in order to design and manufacture different electro pumps of oil and petrochemical industry, mining industry, water and wastewater in 1993 and total production, lab and supportive area is about 2000 square meter.

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Water fountain in a city park دانلود کاتالوگ

Water is one of the most vital elements in urban life enjoyment and forming green spaces and waterfronts improvement is achieved by water properties recognition and suitable criteria specification.

Different aspects of water which are presented in parks are part of its properties. To improve the quality of the representation, effective principles of creating them such as form, color and the texture of water container should be considered. Effective criteria in waterfront designing are categorized as follows.

Pools often have reflective surface functionality and for creating better reflections they should have suitable depth and very balanced reflector area; to see the reflections of an object in water from considered view point, there should be suitable lookout axis and containers should be in dark color.

Waterways are used for expressing movement and also concept concentration; emotional effect of a waterway depends on its water volume and flow rate and also size, form and slope of the waterway. Water movement representation depends on waterway bed and reflects environment sprit and designer opinions.

Waterfalls : water falling type depends on water volume and flow rate and the edge it is flowing from; it presents unlimited tools. Flow is more regulated by increasing water volume and the role of other variables becomes paler.

Waterfront :by recognizing physical behavior of water and understanding the role and analogy and its relation with human, water enters the architecture and waterfront is created. Waterfront is one of the decorative, incorporated and effective communicative factorsin the environment and gardens. Not only the waterfront is a place for maintaining water, but is a place for presenting it. Water shows have different types from different container color to presentation method and create especial scene for environment reflection in which harmony and multiplicityare highlighted.

In waterfronts, water and light are combined as identity elements which changing appearance of waterfronts and beautiful laser light giving splendid view of the waterfronts at nights are of their capabilities.

Waterfronts are designed in different shapes and with various sophistications. From a simple tube that forces water out to multi-story nozzles that produce controlled flow are considered in this spectrum. In some waterfronts air is mixed with intense water flow to produce white foam. Some municipalities use waterfronts to embellish the city. They use them to attract more visitors by especial displays of waterfronts.

Fountains : : to attract attention to especial points, sometimes they are installed in lookout axes and also sometimes are used as statue for stressing on spaces surrounded them. Fountains are rarely used in active contexts since in competition their visionary base is declined. If temperature decreases during fountain operation, created ice chunks will be interesting. Harmonic movement of water and light in fountains can create an attractive show scene.

The sound that water creates is various like pure visionary concepts. The sound is created when water faces a barrier or passes through a harsh surface or fall on water body and considering vocal concepts of water become important. If sound level is very low, it can be easily irritating like water drops of tap. High level sound in confined areas which is more than space capacity, appear banal.

Beautiful water fountain are seen in public building, recreational parks or personal houses. A waterfront can beautify a place, make evaporated air cool, and create special effect, act as traffic noise cover or assistance for relaxation.

Linear fountains on main axes cause place elegance and create directions which guide us in space. In fact fountains are kind of music for the place. They can be low and whispering and act like background music and can be active and fresh and make the atmosphere joyful.

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